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Cleanliness of Subsea Systems in Oil & Gas

The importance of the cleanliness in subsea systems is extremely critical. Not only do the glycol or hydraulic fluids need to meet the required NAS cleanliness, but so do the subsea components including Christmas trees, pipeline, umbilical’s, accumulators, HPU’s, actuators, control units and values. If not thoroughly tested a single dirty component in the subsea system could contaminate the cleanliness of the entire subsea system resulting in costly maintenance to repair the line and restore the cleanliness.

Crea Particle Counter Rental has a range of PAMAS particle counters for laboratory and field use designed the measure the cleanliness of fluids and components in subsea system. For more information, contact us or complete the quote form.

Oil Cleanliness

At Crea Particle Counter Rental we often get asked, “what is oil cleanliness?” and “how should I measure oil cleanliness?”

Oil cleanliness as the term suggests is how clean your oil is, but more to the point, oil cleanliness is telling you how effectively your lubricant is working. Oil cleanliness is normally measured using the ISO4406 or ISO code, NAS or the SAE 749D.

If the ISO4406, NAS or SAE 749D reports poor oil cleanliness, this is telling the operator that the lubricating properties of the oil are not at an optimum state. As the oil gets contaminated with particles, these particles will start to abrade the surface of all moving parts in the compartment. This is due to the clearance between moving parts such as gears. The ISO code looks at 4mm, 6mm and 14mm as these are the size of importance when we start to look at the clearance of moving parts.

With proactive maintenance the new normal, we can no longer just rely on scheduled servicing to ensure equipment is working at its optimum. Regularly monitoring oil cleanliness is essential.

While this can be done through a laboratory system, this usually means a couple of days turnaround before finding out there is a problem. And if there is, it has already got progressively worse. 

Where possible, the best solution is an online or onsite monitoring system of oil cleanliness.

Crea Particle Counter Rental have a range of PAMAS laboratory grade onsite and online oil cleanliness particle counters. For more information, contact us or complete the quote form.

PAMAS S40 Particle Counter

The PAMAS S40 is a portable particle counting system that has been design for use as a contamination control tool. The PAMAS S40 uses a volumetric cell design which guarantees the highest accuracy, resolution, and the best statistical information.

Designed to run pressure less samples as well as pressurised samples the PAMAS S40 particle counter can run samples from a pressure of 0 bar to 420 bar.

As a truly portable unit the PAMAS S40 particle counter has a built-in battery, it can also be run from 90 – 240VAC or 12 – 30VDC. The PAMAS S40 particle counter also has a built printer for report generation in the field, as well as the ability to store information in its internal memory to be downloaded later.

Not only offering a quality of the PAMAS S40 particle counter, Crea Particle Counter Rental offers local service, calibration and technical support for these units. For this reason and more it is being used by heavy mining equipment supplier and service workshops across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

PAMAS S40 Water Glycol for Oil & Gas

The PAMAS S40 WG is designed for engineering workshop and laboratory use. It is small and portable and can be easily relocated to where it is needed. It is tried and tested with a reputation for dependability in the most demanding production environments.

Incorporating high resolution PAMAS laser light blockage technology trusted throughout industry for reliability and accuracy. Pressurised sensor reduces the need for degassing allowing the counter to be plugged in and used online up to 100 psi. pressure. No need to send samples to the laboratory, with a built-in liquid pump the PAMAS S40 WG can draw its own samples from a bottle, producing results quickly where they are needed.

The PAMAS S40 WG is simple to operate via the touch screen user interface. A variety of sampling profiles can be created offering choices of Standards such as NAS 1638 and AS 4059.

The number of channels requiring analysis, such as AS 4059 bands A to F ,6 channels or B-F, 5 channels can also be preconfigured. The sample size and the duration can also be varied and preconfigured. The operator simply selects the sampling profile from a drop-down option list on the touch screen then proceeds by selecting start.

Rugged and tough portable workshop or laboratory particle counter; including a built-in battery for mains free operation. The PAMAS S40 WG is a compact portable instrument for measuring hydraulic fluids used in the offshore oil industry.

The PAMAS S40 WG Laser particle counter is built for those hard-working applications where flexibility in the workplace is essential. The unit has built in protection from contamination including BACK FLUSH operation to remove over contamination from the system.

Specifically designed for the measurement of Water/Glycol hydraulic fluids and is compatible with subsea fluids such as Oceanic HW540, Oceanic 443, Castrol Trans aqua and Niche Pelagic 100.

Intelligent yet simple to operate the PAMAS S40 WG reports results to NAS1638 and AS SAE4059 and ISO cleanliness classes. AS 4059 special report function for class B to F only. Producing a result printout for these size bands where they are specified. Calibration according to ISO11171:1999, according to NAS1638 with NIST traceable standards.

Tried and trusted for flushing and qualification of Christmas trees, HPU’s, subsea umbilical’s, hydraulic accumulators, valves, and control systems. With the online capability the PAMAS S40 WG is ideal for integration in to flushing rigs, offering real time results in NAS1638 and AS 4059.


  • Water/Glycol Hydraulic fluid flushing
  • Christmas trees
  • HPU’s
  • subsea umbilical’s
  • hydraulic accumulators
  • valves and control systems

Compatible with water/glycol hydraulic fluids including the following:

  • MacDerimid – Oceanic HW 540, 443, 443r
  • Castrol – Transaqua series
  • Niche Products – Pelagic 100

Patch test kit

The Particle Test patch test kit is a must for identifying and monitoring the types and levels of contamination in fluid power systems. The patch test kit enables instant visual analysis through an optical microscope of the major types of system wear including bright and black metals, silica, fibers, elastomers, plastics, and others. A sample of the test fluid is passed through a filter membrane via the vacuum pump dried and mounted in a membrane holder ready for visual assessment. Comparator slides are supplied to help establish and identify cleanliness levels etc of the fluid sample.

The Patch Test kit is supplied complete with everything required for taking immediate samples and is simple to assemble and use with full training available on request.

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